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In an effort to aid conservation efforts and reduce the wounded loss rate, Danger Close Outdoors recommends only the best quality equipment.  Losing an animal due to any reason is always unfortunate and is something all hunters strive to avoid to the best of their ability.  High quality arrows and broadheads are crucial to a successful hunt and eventual harvest of an animal.  To accomplish the best hunts of your life don’t trust subpar equipment.  Instead use Danger Close Outdoors, a veteran and family owned company, to help you learn and ensure that you are setup with the right equipment to achieve your dreams. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Jake Thompson

Jake was born in the North West and has been fishing since he could hold a rod, hunting for the past 22 years, and branched out into archery about 20 years ago. He spent several years on the rodeo circuit and even went to college on a pro rodeo scholarship. After he graduated he spent two years as a search and rescue medic, and then joined the military and traveled the world. He is an avid hunter, fisher, and an overall outdoorsman with a thirst for adventure and an addiction to adrenaline. He has fished for countless species in the Pacific, Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, East China Sea, Adriatic Sea, 11 countries, and 21 US states; hunted everything he could from waterfowl to cape buffalo in several countries across three continents  and 17 US states; he has even jumped out of airplanes in three different countries. Jake is also a family man who feels our kids are our future and believes in getting the entire family out there with him, even if that means hauling kids around in backpacks. As long as he is outside in nature, he’s happy!

​”Life is choices not chances! All too often people worry about first world problems and lose sight of what is really important. We need to learn to enjoy what little time we have and live life to it’s fullest!”​


Emily Thompson
Emily has always been a tomboy, but it wasn’t until she met Jake that she developed a love for hunting and fishing. She followed him to Alaska where she learned all she could, and soon enough she was catching record size salmon, duck hunting, and even taking down caribou.  In between hunting and fishing she obtained her business degree from the University of Alaska Anchorage.  After Alaska she followed Jake to Italy where they continued their adventures around Europe. She has fished, backpacked, hunted, or leisurely traveled across 17 countries.  When the kids came along, she made sure to cultivate a love for the outdoors in them as well.  She’s never happier than when she is outside enjoying nature with her boys!